Q: My street is too narrow for traffic to pass safely?

A: Many people have raised this issue. The reality is that it may seem to be narrow, but in fact it's wide enough. For example: An urban residential street like Hillview Crescent, Timaru. The road with is over 11 metres wide at the moment. Construction has started to reduce it to 10.5 metres when the new kerb and channelling will be installed. But is it too narrow? People do not want vehicles to go fast in residential areas where kids may be playing on footpaths etc. The only way to reduce the speed is to narrow the lanes so that we get the "side friction" that naturally make drivers go slower because the space seem to be tight. Below is a diagram of such a road.

As shown, there are still plenty of space for even large vehicles to come through with ease.

The width of a car is about 1.8 m and maybe 1.9 m for a large SUV. A bus and truck is about 2.4m to 2.5m wide.

Street width of 10.5 m 

Q: What is the purpose and meaning of the yellow diamond road marking?

Clear zone marking Port Loop Road Timaru

A: It indicates a 'clear zone' where vehicles should not stop. If there is no space for your vehicle on the other side of the marking, you should not drive onto the yellow block. This marking is used at intersections where a side entrance or road is very close to the main intersection. There may be vehicles wanting to turn right from the side road and if vehicles stop on the yellow block, would impede traffic flow.


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Q: Do all school zones in South Canterbury have a 40km/h speed limit?

A: No - the only school zone sign that has an 40km/h speed limit, is on Craigie Avenue (SH1) past Timaru South School. All other school zones have a maximum speed limit of 50km/h but the only difference is that the speed enforcement tollerance is less - 4km/h. So you could be ticketed if your speed is above 54km/h.

Q: I have some concerns about road safety issues in my neighbourhood. Who should I speak to about it?
A: The Road Safety Coordinator - Daniel Naudé 687 7235.

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