There were 501 reported crashes at South Canterbury intersections over the past 5 years (2011-2016), of which 6 were fatal, 40 people were seriously injured and 182 received minor injuries.

Intersections - it's your call – take another look

At 2014 VOSL (value of statistical life) rates it means that apart from the emotional and financial effect it had on people in our community, it also cost the taxpayer over $77million in social costs.

South Canterbury Map

South Canterbury Crashes at Intersections 2011 to 2016 map


Geraldine Crashes at Intersections 2011 to 2016 map


Temuka Crashes at Intersections 2011 to 2016 map


Timaru intersection Crashes 2011 to 2016 map small pic

The main main factor is that drivers did not give way or stop at these intersections. Nearly half (41%) of intersection crashes involved crossing or turning movements.

Poor observation (50%) and Failed to give way or stop (39%) are the major contributing factors.

What are the major contributing factors?

SC Contributing factors at Intersection Crashes

Like with most crashes there are usually more than one factors that contributed to a crash. There are however factors that stand out as being the main causes.

Who is at risk?

We like to think it's always the other person - not us - but here we see that it may be people of your age that is involved.

Drivers at fault - intersection crashes

Following too close

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