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The Used Car Safety Ratings charts included in this report provide you with the crash safety rating for the driver. They show you how well each vehicle protects its driver from death or serious injury in a crash.

Regular Speedsters Crash more often

...drivers who speed more than 20% of the time increase their risk of having an accident by 87%. Meanwhile those that speed 10% of the time increase the risk by 42%...


Speed kills?

Here are a few links to LED helmet lights.

Lumos bicycle light LED Liveall bicycle light LED Halo belt

Traffic Signal Stop Sign Give Way

At all intersections...before you drive on...CHECK and CHECK AGAIN!

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Visiting Drivers


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Welcome to South Canterbury

Most crashes in this area involve tired drivers, loss of control due to speed (especially on unsealed roads), distraction, or not keeping left on the road and in bends.

  • When you feel sleepy - Stop ASAP
  • Drive slower on unsealed roads (70km/h or less)
  • Stay focussed on your driving task or stop
  • Stay on the left on the road and through bends

Having a few drinks?

Mature driver class

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